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Girls' Basketball

Compliments of "Friends of SKHS Girls' Basketball"

Above are some of the players from Midnight Madness on Dec 3, 1998. Good luck with your 1998-1999 season.

From Bill Hodge (XX-'92), thru Dan Cox ('92-'94), thru "what was her name" ('94-'95), thru Kelli Fay-Wolfe ('95-'97), to Mr. Steve McCarty ('97-present), it's been a rough road the last few years for girls' basketball. (12/07/98) ... They ended the '98-'99 season on a high note with five league wins in their last eight games. (3/1/99)

The 1997-1998 SKHS Girls' Basketball Season
The 1996-1997 SKHS Girls' Basketball Season

South Kingstown High School

               Founded: 1880 
            Enrollment: ~ 1200
                Colors: Light Blue, Navy and White
              Nickname: Rebels
           Affiliation: RI Interscholastic League

             Principal: Patricia Hines
     Athletic Director: Bob Cavanagh
            Head Coach: Steve McCarty

S.K.H.S. Girls' Basketball Team South Kingstown High School 215 Columbia Street South Kingstown, R.I. 02879 Tel: 401-792-9611


Coaching Staff
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Coaching Staff

Head coach: Steve McCarty

           Hometown: Kittery, Maine
          Residence: South Kingstown, RI
          Birthdate: TBA
          Education: TBA

Coaching Experience: South Kingstown Junior High School, ? - 1997

The 1998-1999 season will be Steve's second year at the high school
level having coached the SKJrHigh Girls' Basketball Team for a number
of years. He is a mathematics teacher at the junior high.

Assistant coach: Wayne Carroll Wayne is in his second year. He has AAU Coaching experience. He also assisted with the Narragansett High School Team a few years ago. He runs/ran the South Kingstown Recreation Basketball League as well as other activities for South Kingstown Recreation.

Team manager: Jane Doe. Jane Doe is the team manager.

Players / Profiles


Varsity not returning ... Julie Cantagallo, Katie Parkinson, Summur Shaikh, Becky Dangelo,
Bethany Moore.
JV not returning ... Teresa Evans, Amy Waidler, Xiaoyi Wang.
Quit ... .
 No Name                      Pos   Ht   Age*  DOB    Class H.S.
--- ------------------------- ----- ---- --- -------- ----- ----------
 42 Lauren Hathaway           F/G   5-06  __ __/__/__ '01   SK
 30 Marisa Justice - C        G     5-04  18 11/01/80 '99   SK
 23 Jess Kenerson             C/F   5-09  __ __/__/__ '01   SK
 24 Meghan McEntee            F/G   5-05  __ __/__/__ '01   SK
 50 Sarah Stanhope - C        F/G   5-09  17 08/21/81 '99   SK
 33 Jillian Tente             G     5-03  15 12/18/82 '00   SK

15 Kim Arundel>1/99 F/C 5-07 __ __/__/__ '02 SK 20 Rosemary Daley F 5-08 __ __/__/__ '02 SK 22 Grace Dawson G 5-00 15 07/05/83 '01 SK 44 Stephanie Gama G 5-03 16 04/26/83 '01 SK 55 Kate Lewisup 1/22/99 _ _-_ __ __/__/__ '02 SK 25 Caitlin Mullen G 5-03 16 05/21/83 '01 SK
5 Maegan Barney _ _-_ __ 09/28/84 '02 SK 32 Sara Cox _ _-_ __ __/__/__ '00 SK 3 Emily Green _ _-_ __ __/__/__ '02 SK 4 Cassie Guglielmetti _ _-_ __ __/__/__ '02 SK 10 Jenna Larned _ _-_ __ 09/01/84 '02 SK 21 Jess Logan _ _-_ __ __/__/__ '01 SK 33 Sarah Thayer _ _-_ __ __/__/__ '02 SK 0 Jemina Varghese _ _-_ __ __/__/__ '02 SK * Age as of Jun 30, 1999

Kim Arundel: _.
Rosemary Daley: _.
Grace Dawson: _.
Stephanie Gama: _.
Lauren Hathaway: _.
Marisa Justice: _.
Jess Kenerson: _.
Kate Lewis: _.
Meghan McEntee: _.
Caitlin Mullen: _.
Sarah Stanhope: Loves most sports. Enjoys the outdoors, camping, fishing, mountain climbing. Getting "hooked" on Tech Theatre. Enjoys working summers at the local summer theatre. Hopes to direct blockbuster movies someday or maybe be a biologist.
Jillian Tente: _.

Schedule & Results

Day  Date       Opponent                     Location Time    Results
---- ---------- ---------------------------- -------- ------- --------
Mon  Nov 16     First Team Meeting
Fri  Nov 20-23  Tryouts (Fri, Sat, Mon)
Tue  Nov 24     First practice

Wed Dec 02 Rogers - Inj Fund Game - NL Home 7:00 W 53-31 Thu Dec 03 Midnight Madness Home 7:00 Fri Dec 04< Portsmouth Home 7:00 Scrimmage Wed Dec 09 Middletown - NL Away 7:30 W 47-32 Thu Dec 10<04 Narragansett - NL Away 7:00 L 50-48 Fri Dec 11 North Kingstown Home 7:00 L 80-30 Mon Dec 14 Exeter-West Greenwich - NL Away 7:30 L 46-35 Wed Dec 16 Coventry Away 7:00 L 60-47 Fri Dec 18 Toll Gate Home 7:00 L 67-42 Tue Dec 22 Prout - NL Away 7:00 L 60-49 Mon Dec 28 Coventry XMAS Tour-NL Away 8:00 L 49-39 Tue Dec 29 Coventry XMAS Tour-NL Away 6:00 L 63-45 Wed Jan 06 Chariho Away 6:30 L 66-59 Tue Jan 12 East Greenwich Home 7:00 L 67-48 Thu Jan 14>18 Westerly Away 7:30 L 43-37 Tue Jan 19 West Warwick Home 7:00 L 45-42 Fri Jan 22 Pilgrim Home 7:00 L 55-48 Tue Jan 26 No. Kingstown Away 7:00 L 73-60 Fri Jan 29 Coventry Home 3:30 L 57-47 Mon Feb 01<1/8 Rogers Home 7:00 W 50-32 Wed Feb 03 Toll Gate Away 7:00 L 71-54 Tue Feb 09 Chariho Home 7:00 W 57-42 Fri Feb 12 Rogers Away 7:30 W 46-25 Wed Feb 17 East Greenwich Away 7:00 L 74-52 Fri Feb 19 Westerly Home 7:00 W 50-40 Mon Feb 22>23 West Warwick Away 7:00 L 57-35 Mon Mar 01<25 Pilgrim Away 7:30 W 50-41 Current record: 07-18 (Overall); 05-13 (Division I)

Game Highlights / Box Scores

Dec 02, 1998 (Game #NL1): Non-League/Injury Fund Game - 
Rogers - home
($3 admission, no programs.)

  South Kingstown looks good, beating Rogers, 53-31
  What a pleasant surprise. The team looked good, especially the
play of newcomer Kim Arundel and veteran Jillian Tente.
Congrats to coaches McCarty and Carroll, senior co-captains
Marisa Justice and Sarah Stanhope, and all the players. It's 
great to get that first win so early in the season.
  Kim is the sister of basketball great Dave Arundel, Class of
'98. She had a super game at the #5 spot. Another freshman, 
Rosemary Daley, looks like she'll make a big contribution this
  Jillian, who had a great give-and-go in the first half, 
played well at the #1 spot. She seems to have gained a lot of 
maturity and poise plus maybe a couple more inches in height.
  South trailed early but pulled ahead at 13-12 and never lost the
lead after that.
  South's 19-14 half-time lead went to 33-14 before Rogers got a 
field goal with 8:06 left in the game.
  Rogers seemed a little reckless late in the game.

  The refs met with each team before the game, and will continue to
do so throughout the season, to read them the rules of good 
  Roger's great Akeia Neves has grown a lot in the past year.
  South was without Jess Kenerson and Stephanie Gama,
who were both on a field trip.
                       FG  M  A  T
                       -- ----- --
   Stanhope             5  0- 0 10
   Hathaway             0  0- 1  0
   Arundel              6  1- 4 13
   Tente                6  1- 2 13
   Justice              3  0- 0  6
   McEntee              1  0- 0  2
   Dawson               3  0- 0  7
   Daley                1  0- 0  2
   Mullen               0  0- 0  0
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               25  2- 7 53

   Opponent            13  4-12 31

   3 Pts: SK-Dawson; RO-Neves.
     1/2: SK 19-14.
      JV: SK 33-21.

Dec 09, 1998 (Game #NL2): Middletown - away
($3 admission, no programs.)

  South Kingstown goes on a roll late to beat Middletown, 47-32
  It was close in the first half. In the second half, both teams 
were cold for a few minutes and then South started to click. 
  South fell asleep a few times on defense but otherwise played well.
  The big guys, Kim Arundel, Jess Kenerson, Sarah Stanhope, and
Lauren Hathaway, rebounded well especially off the defensive
boards. Jillian Tente looked good driving the lane. Her 
backcourt mate, Marisa Justice had a super game driving thru
traffic and also shooting 3's from the perimeter.
  Grace Dawson looked good on defense. She had a few steals,
one she turned into a nice lay-up. 
  Coach McCarty used the whole bench. Rosemary Daley
had a couple big baskets from down deep, late in the game. 
  The fund raising effort to buy Meg McEntee a decent 
looking pair of shoes continues.
                       FG  M  A  T
                       -- ----- --
   Stanhope             3  0- 2  6
   Arundel              1  0- 1  2
   Kenerson             3  1- 2  7
   Tente                3  0- 2  6
   Justice              4  0- 0 10
   Hathaway             4  0- 1  8
   McEntee              1  0- 0  2
   Dawson               1  0- 0  2
   Daley                2  0- 0  4
   Gama                 0  0- 0  0
   Mullen               0  0- 0  0
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               22  1- 8 47

   Opponent            13  4-11 32

   3 Pts: SK-Justice 2; MI-Martin 2.
     1/2: SK 20-16.
      JV: SK 34-25.

Dec 10, 1998 (Game #NL3): Narragansett - away
($3 admission, no programs.)

  Just 5 more seconds!; South loses 50-48 to Narragansett
in Double-OT thriller
  Exciting game. South simply ran out of time. Great game by
both teams.
  South got off on the wrong foot thanks to a Narragansett
full-court press. Long passes either rolled out of bounds or
were caught by a player who was unable to transition to a dribble
while in stride. There were too many traveling calls. 
  Narragansett was very rough under their defensive board. Numerous
Rebels hit the deck after being clobbered. South was lucky that
Narragansett was worse than they were at the free throw line.
  Grace Dawson, who is playing great defense, tied the game
at 33-all with less than six minutes to go when she sank a free 
throw. Sarah Stanhope, who played a great defensive game,
especially on her friend, Kate Letourneau, gave South the lead for
the first time in the game when she made a field goal, 35-33.
(Was Sarah sick, did she ask to come out of the game at one point?)  
  Miracle #1 came with a few seconds left in regulation when Jessica
Kenerson tipped the Pier inbounds enough for Lauren Hathaway
to get to it. Lauren hustled down court and muscled her way to
the tying basket as time ran out.
  Miracle #2 came with South down by two in the first overtime. 
Sarah Stanhope made a 14-footer from the right of the circle to
tie the game with just four seconds left, meaning a second OT.
  Unfortunately, they ran out of time and couldn't overcome Katherine
Mahoney's winning basket.
  Jess Kenerson led South with a big game down deep. Jillian
Tente played well. She fouled out in the second OT.
  It's a shame this game wasn't played when originally scheduled. Now
SK has to go against North after two straight days of games, one a
double OT. Maybe there should be an interscholastic rule that ... ?
  Stephanie Gama was absent.
                       FG  M  A  T
                       -- ----- --
   Stanhope             8  0- 0 16
   Arundel              0  1- 2  1
   Kenerson             7  3- 4 17
   Tente                2  5-11  9
   Justice              0  1- 2  1
   Hathaway             1  1- 4  3
   Dawson               0  1- 2  1
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               18 13-25 48

   Opponent            23  3-16 50

   3 Pts: SK-none; NA-Thompson 1.
     1/2: SK 24-24; Reg: 39-39; 1st OT: 45-45.
      JV: SK 63-58.

Dec 11, 1998 (Game #G01): North Kingstown - home
($3 admission, no programs.)

  North is very impressive beating South, 80-30
  It was opening day and South lost big-time to North Kingstown, who
many expect to be in the finals for the state championship next 
April. North only had nine players dressed.
  North looked like UConn when UConn played URI last weekend. Full
court press and double-teaming from the get-go. It makes one see how
valuable defense can be if the players are willing to make the 
  North looked like a feeding frenzy among sharks. The players took
pride in their steals and wanted more and more. South has to look up
when dribbling the ball and get rid of the hot potato quicker.
  Another thing that North does well is blocking shots. North should
actually move up a division - to Division 0. (What's the Roman 
Numeral for "0"?) 
  Sarah Tift and Nicole Campbell, South County Fun's player of the
year last year, played great for NK with 21 and 20.
  South was in the game for a few minutes and even had the lead on
some early baskets by Sarah Stanhope, who unfortunately rode 
the bench much of the night because of foul troubles and bumps and
bruises. Her reunion with the new NK coach, Burny Guidry, Sarah's,
former AAU Coach, could have been better. (Where's Burny going for
his XMAS Tournament?)
  Marisa Justice caught fire from three point range late in 
the game.
  Last year South had a snowball's chance, but this year they look 
much better and the players should not be discouraged by the loss.
  A lot of teams that easily beat South last year have lost some key
players. Rogers, whom South beat in their opener (non league however)
lost Casey; Westerly, Lauren and Melissa; Chariho, Candice; Pilgrim, 
6-3 Meg; and East Greenwich, their big three. 
  South should be competitive and have a good chance of playing .500
ball. Hopefully the players won't get in a funk - this year doesn't
have to be a replay of last year.
                       FG  M  A  T
                       -- ----- --
   Stanhope             4  2- 2 10
   Arundel              0  1- 3  1
   Kenerson             2  1- 2  5
   Tente                0  1- 4  1
   Justice              4  1- 2 12
   McEntee              0  1- 2  1
   Hathaway             0  0- 3  0
   Dawson               0  0- 0  0
   Daley                0  0- 0  0
   Gama                 0  0- 0  0
   Mullen               0  0- 0  0
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               10  7-18 30

   Opponent            32 12-23 80

   3 Pts: NK Campbell 3, Tift; SK-Justice 3.
     1/2: NK 41-30.
      JV: NK 33-29.

Dec 14, 1998 (Game #NL4): Exeter-West Greenwich - away
($3 admission, no programs.)

  Exeter-West Greenwich beats South, 46-35
  No disrespect intended but was South trying to win that game? 
With three minutes to go, they were down by only five and yet, 
three of the six first-in-players, including starters, were 
riding the bench. It was a non-league game and meant nothing
as far as playoff chances go. Maybe winning wasn't the priority
tonight. Maybe bench experience was the thing - of course the
starters can also use some more experience, especially rushing
down court on offense and trying to dribble through three defensive
players instead of passing off. 
  Sarah Stanhope had a good defensive game, especially
in the "blocked shots" department.
  Tracie Gill, #33, played a great game for ExW.
                       FG  M  A  T
                       -- ----- --
   Stanhope             5  1- 4 11
   Arundel              0  0- 0  0
   Kenerson             5  0- 0 10
   Tente                4  0- 1  8
   Justice              0  1- 2  1
   McEntee              0  0- 0  0
   Hathaway             1  1- 2  3
   Gama                 0  2- 2  2
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               15  5-11 35

   Opponent            17 11-26 46

   3 Pts: SK - none; EX - Gill.
     1/2: EX 21-16.
      JV: EX 42-37.

Dec 16, 1998 (Game #G02): Coventry - away
($3 admission, no programs.)

  Coventry 60, South 47
  South had a 9-8 lead early on and then fell behind. Then they 
started to catch up. Lots of ups and downs throughout the evening. 
They did get within eight points with four minutes to go.
  Fans would like to see the starting-five get more time. Not 
individually, but just as a group. Lots of rotating going on.
  Jessica Kenerson was not 100%, still fighting the effects of
a cold. Sarah Stanhope had a nice 3/4 court pass to Lauren
Hathaway who laid it in and sank the free throw off the foul.
  The team shot better than 50% from the foul ine for the second time
this season.
  There are still too many bad passes. The players seem to spend half
their time wrestling on the floor for possession. Fouls were lopsided,
in favor of Coventry. 
  The timing (running and stopping of the clock) in the JV game was
a farce, again in favor of Coventry and upsetting quite a few SK 
fans. They supposedly got a late start and wanted to compound the 
problem by letting the clock run through fouls, etc.
                       FG  M  A  T
                       -- ----- --
   Stanhope             6  0- 0 12
   Arundel              1  0- 0  2
   Kenerson             4  1- 2  9
   Tente                2  5- 8  9
   Justice              3  0- 0  8
   Gama                 1  0- 0  2
   Hathaway             1  1- 1  3
   McEntee              1  0- 0  2
   Dawson               0  0- 0  0
   Daley                0  0- 0  0
   Mullen               0  0- 0  0

                       -- -- -- --
   Total               19  7-11 47

   Opponent            18 22-35 60

   3 Pts: SK-Justice 2; CO-none.
     1/2: CO 32-21.
      JV: CO 48-42.

Dec 18, 1998 (Game #G03): Toll Gate - home
($3 admission, no programs.)

  South loses to Toll Gate, 67-42
  Sad loss. South had a chance with Toll Gate's Kristen Acciaioli
on the sidelines due to a broken toe she suffered in practice the
day before.
  But another sloppy game resulted in Toll Gate winning easily by
25 points. South went off on a 6-0 run to start the game but 
Toll Gate followed that with their own 8-0 run. South got within
one point at 17-16 but then slipped back, and back.
  It looks like the honeymoon is over, at least for senior 
co-captain Sarah Stanhope. Sarah offered some input
to the coach 2:19 into the second half and was promptly benched
for the remainder of the game. There was no attitude or disrespect,
no refusal to do anything. Just a comment - some input. What a
slap in the face.
  The coach over reacted. He must evidently be overly sensitive or
perhaps he was having a bad hair day. Who knows? If a co-captain 
can't talk to the coach, then who can?
                       FG  M  A  T
                       -- ----- --
   Stanhope             2  0- 0  4
   Arundel              0  0- 0  0
   Kenerson             3  3- 6  9
   Tente                2  0- 2  4
   Justice              2  1- 2  6
   Gama                 2  0- 0  4
   Hathaway             1  1- 2  3
   McEntee              1  2- 5  4
   Dawson               3  0- 0  6
   Daley                0  0- 1  0
   Mullen               1  0- 0  2
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               17  7-18 42

   Opponent            27 13-24 67

   3 Pts: TG-none; SK-Justice.
     1/2: TG 28-18.
      JV: SK 50-37.

Dec 22, 1998 (Game #NL5): Prout - away
($3 admission, no programs.)

  Prout 60, South 49
  How were the refs? Prout took 36 foul shots. South's opponent
always takes more foul shots. The one exception this year has
been the Narragansett game.
  "As The World Turns": Chapter 2 - So much for harmony and 
reconciliation, so much for team unity. The harassment 
continues ... "So you were lying then!". ?? (Forget that letter
of recommendation.) Shouldn't communications be a two-way street.
What a shame!
                       FG  M  A  T
                       -- ----- --
   Hathaway             0  2- 4  2
   Arundel              1  0- 0  2
   Kenerson             5  3- 7 13
   Tente                1  0- 0  2
   Justice              2  1- 1  6
   Gama                 0  0- 0  0
   McEntee              0  0- 0  0
   Dawson               5  3- 5 13
   Mullen               1  0- 0  2
   Stanhope             3  3- 3  9
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               18 12-20 49

   Opponent            15 28-36 60

   3 Pts: SK-Justice; PR-Marsiglio 2.
     1/2: PR 29-21.
      JV: SK.

The following is from the Narragansett Times ...
Crusaders conquer both local rivals on hardwood


WAKEFIELD - With last week's convincing victory over
Narragansett already under its belt, The Prout School
girls' basketball team solified local bragging rights on
Monday with a 60-48 win over South Kingstown High.
  Prout is now 4-1 overall this season, while the Rebels
dropped to 2-6. The game was a non-league contest, as
Prout plays in Division II-South, and S.K. plays in
Division I-North.
  ``South Kingstown is a very good team, and we were
coming off a huge win against Narragansett, and I
thought in order for us to win this game, it had to be
intensity,'' said Prout Head Coach Beth Knox. ``I told
the girls that they would have to dig down deep in their
heart, and if they wanted this game, they would take
  The Crusaders dug down deep and held off two runs by
South. The first came in the opening half, in which the
Rebels took the lead. The second came in the second half
when S.K. tied the game.
  Freethrow shooting proved to be the difference, as the
Crusaders, led by Jamie Vale-Cruz (11-for-12), hit 28 of
36 foul shots. South connected on just 12 of 20.
  ``They made their freethrows. They were knocking them
down at the end of the game. We had to foul them to stop
the clock; we were doing the right thing, and the made
their freethrows,'' said South Head Coach Steve McCarty.
  ``We practice very hard on (freethrows). When it gets
down to a close game like this we have to make them; the
girls know that and they have a lot of confidence,''
said Knox.
  Prout used a 12-0 run early in the first half to jump
out to a 17-6 lead. Liz Beck keyed the run with seven
  The Rebels, behind the duo of Jessica Kenerson and Grace
Dawson, narrowed the gap to 17-16. The pair combined for
eight points during the South spurt.
  The Crusaders then used the inside-outside combination
of Mary Marsiglio and Beck to get out to a 27-18 lead.
Marsiglio knocked down two 3-pointers, and Beck scored
two hoops in the paint.
  ``We have an excellent team; all 13 girls can do
something different. We like to play inside and out.
With the ability that we have, we can do that,'' said
  The Crusaders came out of the break with a 29-21 lead.
The Rebels were able to battle back and score three
straight baskets to tie the game at 33-33. Sarah
Stanhope scored four points and found Dawson, who was
fouled to lead the S.K. run.
  With nine minutes remaining in the game, Vale-Cruz began
to make her presence known on both sides of the ball.
Vale Cruz forced several steals which led to several
points in transition. Vale Cruz scored 15 of her 17
points in the final nine minutes of play.
  Caroline Conti hit four freethrows down the stretch to
make the final score 60-48.
  Liz Beck led Prout with 22 points. Dawson and Kenerson
both had 13 for the Rebels.
  The Crusaders pressed the entire game, which helped
prevent South Kingstown from setting up its offense and
helped get Prout points in transition.
  ``We're a running team; we play full-court, man-to-man
(defense) pretty much the entire game. We are in shape
to do that so I use that to our advantage,'' said Knox.

Prout 60, South Kingstown 49
South Kingstown: Arundel 1 0-0 2, Daly 0 0-0 0, Dawson 5
3-5 13, Kennerson 5 3-7 13, McEntee 0 0-0 0, Mullen 1
0-0 2, Justice 2 1-1 6, Tente 1 0-0 2, Hathaway 0 2-4 2,
Gama 0 0-0 0, Stanhope 3 3-3 9; Totals: 18 12-20 48.
Prout: S. Beck 0 0-0 0, Gordon 0 0-0 0, Conti 1 4-4 6,
Vale-Cruz 3 11-12 17, Marsiglio 2 0-0 6, Kane 0 0-0 0,
Natale 0 0-0 0, O'Hara 2 1-1 5, Foberg 0 0-0 0, Lewis 0
0-0 0, Barron 0 4-7 4, L. Beck 7 8-11 22. L. Beck 0 0-0
0. Totals: 15 28-35 60.
3-pointers: P-Marsiglio 2; SK-Justice.
Halftime: Prout 29-21

Dec 28, 1998 (Game #NL6): Coventry - away
($3 admission, with nice programs, JV and Varsity included.)

  South Kingstown loses again to Coventry, 49-39
  South has got to play a little defense if they ever want to 
win one of these winnable games.
  South got stuck on 7 or 9 points for the longest time in the 
first half while Coventry rolled on and eventually ended up with
a 7-point lead at half-time.
  Coventry steadily increased that half-time lead in the second
half before some key baskets by Sarah Stanhope, Grace Dawson,
and Jillian Tente got them back to that 7-point margin with
a couple minutes to go. But South couldn't sustain their drive 
and lost by ten.
  Jess Kenerson set a nice pick for Sarah on the 
right side. You don't see the pick employed that often.
  The Coventry coach, who is quite vocal, had a "T" called on
him in the second half. Some fans thought it was because he was
complaining too loudly about Sarah's "palming the ball".
Also, a Coventry player wasn't allowed to shoot her foul shots 
because of the blood-rule. It's assume she had a fingernail cut 
and blood on her uniform and hand. ??
  Rosemary Daley and Stepahine Gama were absent.
                       FG  M  A  T
                       -- ----- --
   Stanhope             6  2- 3 14
   Hathaway             3  0- 2  6
   Kenerson             1  6- 8  8
   Tente                2  0- 1  5
   Justice              1  1- 2  3
   Arundel              0  0- 0  0
   McEntee              0  0- 0  0
   Dawson               1  0- 0  3
   Mullen               0  0- 0  0
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               14  9-16 39

   Opponent            19  9-19 49

   3 Pts: SK-Dawson, Tente; CO-Ferri 2.
     1/2: CO 22-15.
      JV: SK lost yesterday and won consolation today.

Fri., Jan. 1, 1999 

Coventry girls take second

COVENTRY - After downing South Kingstown 49-39 Monday,
the Coventry H.S. girls basketball team dropped a 50-45
decision the following night in the Linda Horlbogen
Memorial Scholarship Tournament.
Sarah Stanhope shined for South Kingstown, scoring 14
points, but it wasn't enough to propel a comeback

Dec 29, 1998 (Game #NL7): West Warwick - away
($3 admission, programs - yes, yes, yes!)

  South Kingstown loses to West Warwick, 63-45, in the 
consolation game of the Coventry XMAS Tournament
  The biggest suspense was the Grace Dawson "Three-point 
Telathon". Would she finally get one? Both coaches agreed to 
extend the game until she got one. Just kidding, she actually had
one earlier in the game before the game got into that "free for
all" stage with a few minutes left when everyone shoots the 
heavy artillery.
  West Warwick may have had revenge on their minds because South
upset them last year and that loss knocked them out of the 
playoffs. Alex Dunton missed that game last year. This year she 
went down in the first half with an elbow to her right jaw but 
made it back. She was held to two points in this game.
  West Warwick jumped out to a big lead early on. South got 
respectable before the half ended. The Rebels actually held
their own through much, if not most, of the second half,
playing the Wizards even up before faltering down the stretch.
  It was a historic day for Rhode Island. Former Governor
Edward DiPrete entered prison for his part in a government
contract/kick-back scheme. 
  The All-Tournament Team was announced right after the game,
at least as far as South and West Warwick was concerned. That
was nice. The kids could get their trophies and go instead
of waiting around until after the championship game as they used
to do at South Kingstown.
  Marisa Justice inadvertently took Sarah Stanhope's
game jersey after the game. Sarah searched the stands and
locker room. Sarah's hunch was right.
  The team stopped at Wendy's on the way home.
  Rosemary Daley and Stepahine Gama remained absent.
                       FG  M  A  T
                       -- ----- --
   Stanhope             7  0- 0 14
   Hathaway             1  3- 4  5
   Kenerson             2  2- 2  6
   Tente                2  0- 1  4
   Justice              1  0- 0  2
   Arundel              1  0- 0  2
   McEntee              1  2- 2  4
   Dawson               3  0- 0  8
   Mullen               0  0- 0  0
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               18  7- 9 45

   Opponent            24 15-23 63

   3 Pts: SK-Dawson 2; WW-none.
     1/2: WW 32-20.
     All: Tournament Team ... Sarah Stanhope

Jan 06, 1999 (Game #G04): Chariho - away
($2 admission, no programs.)

  South Kingstown collapses, loses to Chariho 66-59
  It was a game South could have won and probably should have 
won. Especially with Chariho's Jess Wood sidelined with a 
shoulder injury. What happened? 
  The paper says Chariho rallied from 10 points down with 11 
minutes to go.
  Chariho trailed the entire game until they tied it at 48-all.
From there on out, they looked good while South stumbled. Chariho
couldn't miss towards the end. They won going away. 
  Chariho's Kerri Serois was hot. Chariho shot seven 3-pointers.
South's defense on the outside perimeter was non existent as 
usual. South can't seem to adjust.
  That desperation shot by Chariho at the buzzer for the first
half didn't help. It went in and South only led by three,
instead of six. 
  South's playoff chances now appear to be very slim. That was a
"must win". So, instead of a renewed enthusiasm, the team is 
down, at least that's SCFun's impression, judging by the tears 
and disgruntled faces after the game. 
  Is the low morale justified? Maybe, maybe not. What do you 
think? Some of the fans, can't understand the player selection
... it seems to them like a lot of potential is warming the 
  Also, one South player was criticized for calling a time out 
late in the game when surrounded by the defense. SCFun assumes 
she felt she was unjustly criticized. 
  It was good to see Chariho's Emily Moseley in action, after all
her problems with Lyme Disease and what it ended up doing to her
  Sarah Stanhope suffered a cut below her left eye that
drew blood. She did well guarding ex-teammate Becca Newman.
  Jillian Tente and Jess Kenerson both had three point
plays in the first half. Grace Dawson had a good game,
including some back door action. Marisa Justice hit five
for five from the free throw line.
  How often do you see four players in double figures?
                       FG  M  A  T
                       -- ----- --
   Stanhope             4  4- 5 12
   Hathaway             0  2- 2  2
   Kenerson             3  8-14 14
   Tente                6  1- 2 13
   Justice              2  5- 5 10
   Arundel              0  0- 0  0
   McEntee              0  1- 2  1
   Dawson               2  0- 0  4
   Gama                 1  1- 1  3
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               18 22-31 59

   Opponent            21 17-34 66

   3 Pts: SK-Justice; CH-Serois 4, Caldwell 2, Howard.
     1/2: SK 33-30.
      JV: SK 32-23.

Jan 12, 1999 (Game #G05): East Greenwich - home
($3 admission, with programs.)

  South Kingstown comes up short
  The Rebels looked better. They were competitive. East Greenwich
however, is very solid.
  South started out pressing. (Keep it up.) EG, however, pulled 
ahead more and more through the first half. EG held a 12-point 
lead at the half.
  Marisa Justice got South back to within eleven mid-way
through the second half with some 3-pointers. The EG Coach 
quickly got his starters back into the game. The starters then 
got EG back into their every increasing lead mode.
  Grace Dawson had a nice steal for a drive to a fake 
lay-up, in order to get the defender out of the way, before coming
back with the real lay-up. Good thinking.
  Sarah Stanhope had a nice block. EG had a 4-on-1 with
Sarah trailing to come up with the block on the EG 
  Caitlin Mullen had a nice drive for a basket.
  Jess Kenerson sat out much of the game with foul 
problems and then a knee injury.
  Sarah couldn't buy a basket in the first half. In the
second half, she never saw the ball, having disappeared into that
black hole called "the 5-spot", as she filled in for Jess.
  It seems like Jess's injury would have been a good time
to give Kim Arundel some playing time. Sarah probably
would have passed the ball to her.
  EG's Meg Almon is very quick. She simply would outrun the South
defenders when they tried to double team her.
  South players continually take their eye of the ball. They get
too excited and forget that the ball has to be caught first.
                       FG  M  A  T
                       -- ----- --
   Stanhope             0  3- 4  3
   Hathaway             1  4- 6  6
   Kenerson             2  3- 4  7
   Tente                3  1- 2  7
   Justice              4  0- 0 11
   Arundel              0  0- 0  0
   McEntee              2  0- 2  4
   Dawson               3  0- 0  6
   Gama                 1  0- 0  2
   Mullen               1  0- 0  2
   Daley                0  0- 0  0 
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               17 11-18 48

   Opponent            23 18-38 67

   3 Pts: EG-Almon, Matarese 2; SK-Justice 3.
     1/2: EG 32-20.
      JV: SK 46-36.

Jan 18, 1999 (Game #G06): Westerly - away
($3 admission, no programs.)

  Westerly beats South in last minute
  That's the longest South has been "in a game" this year. The
score was tied 36-all with 1:16 left before Westerly exploded to
win 43-37. Maybe next time.
  Marisa Justice had some big points late in the first 
half to get South respectable. Lauren Hathaway beat the 
buzzer with a lay-up so South was only down by two at the half, 
  Westerly was cold when the second half started. South led for
awhile before Westerly got it in gear and slowly pulled ahead.
  Lauren had a steal for a basket that got South within
two at 28-26. Sarah Stanhope had a nice assist to
Caitlin Mullen for a 30-all tie. Sarah who had
another great "blocked shot" night then made a basket to put 
South in the lead. Unfortunately, it didn't last long.
  Westerly's center had some big baskets from the circle
while their perimeter players had some key 3-pointers. South's
defense is still lacking. It seems like South has four kids on
defense while the opposition has six - it just seems that way. 
  Jess Kenerson went down early in the game with an 
ankle sprain and stayed on the bench for the remainder.
  One ref seemed to enjoy humming "New York, New York" and
kidding with Marisa Justice.
  The Westerly gym is one of the best lit (lighted?) gyms.
                       FG  M  A  T
                       -- ----- --
   Stanhope             4  0- 1  8
   Hathaway             4  0- 0  8
   Kenerson             1  0- 0  2
   Tente                0  0- 2  0
   Justice              3  1- 3  9
   Dawson               2  0- 0  6
   Arundel              0  0- 0  0
   McEntee              1  0- 0  2
   Mullen               1  0- 0  2
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               16  1- 6 37

   Opponent            16  8-14 43

   3 Pts: SK-Dawson 2, Justice 2; WE-Crowley, Sammataro 2.
     1/2: WE 17-15.
      JV: WE 34-30.

Jan 19, 1999 (Game #G07): West Warwick - home
($3 admission with programs.)

  South Kingstown almost gets one, losing 45-42
  Good news-bad news! 
  The bad news - Jess Kenerson is out indefinitely
with her bad ankle. She was on crutches. The good news for
South was that West Warwick was missing three players. Two of
them were Bliss and Alvarez. 
  So South had a chance and they made the best of it but 
again their defense failed them. South may not have the
horses but it still puzzles SCFun when it sees some players
standing around guarding no one while two players are running
back and forth trying to guard three. Can't the "zone" rotate a
little? South's fouling also hurt a lot. Sarah Stanhope
got up to four (should have been three), which was unusual.
  The score was tied at 36-all before West Warwick sprinted.
  South's offense looked pretty good on occasion.
  Sarah Stanhope had one of her best games in a very
long time. Along with her usual great defense, she played some
great offense. How about those left-handed lay-ups (they ought
to count as three, don't you think?). Her assists were terrific,
clean and crisp. Grace Dawson, who filled in for Jess
(but not at the #5 spot; SCFun is too lazy to rearrange the
lineup), was on the receiving end of one as was Lauren 
Hathaway. They were pretty. No stuttering; good flow.
[Wait, Lauren didn't score. Was it really Lauren?]
  Grace played well and continues to shoot well from
the outside.
  Lauren took a terrible body slam to the floor by
a West Warwick player who mistakenly thought Lauren
was the ball. Was there a foul? - don't think so.
  Meg McEntee also played well with some big baskets.
  Gosh, only five kids scored.
                       FG  M  A  T
                       -- ----- --
   Stanhope             7  6- 7 20
   Hathaway             0  0- 1  0
   Dawson               4  1- 3 10
   Tente                2  0- 2  4
   Justice              0  0- 0  0
   Arundel              1  0- 0  2
   McEntee              2  2- 3  6
   Mullen               0  0- 0  0
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               16  9-16 42

   Opponent            15 15-31 45

   3 Pts: WW-none; SK-Dawson.
     1/2: SK 20-18.
      JV: SK 29-26.

From the Narr Times - Jan. 22, 1999
Scrappy Rebs come oh-so close to upset  
By MICK COLAGEO                    
SOUTH KINGSTOWN - West Warwick was without two starters
and S.K.H.S. one, but everyone who did play came to
play, as two teams from opposite ends of the win-loss
galaxy staged an exciting girls' basketball duel with
the Wizards emerging victorious, 45-42, Tuesday night at
  For the winless Rebels, the contest provided the chance
to dine at the dinner table and taste victory, but West
Warwick overcame some poor second-half freethrow
shooting (15 misses at the line in the final eight
minutes) to hold onto the win.
  ``The kids never quit, it didn't really surprise me,''
said Coach Steve McCarty of his squad's comeback effort
against a team now looking to break into double figures
in the win column.
  ``We had to fight for everything, nothing came easy.
They were tough,'' said West Warwick Coach Karen Moniz,
who was missing starting point guard Diana Alvarez (ill)
and starting center Nina Bliss (wisdom teeth).
  In their stead, Alex Dunton (team-high 19 points) and
Jamie Kullberg (13) picked up the slack. The pair was
particularly effective at the foul line, Dunton also
made nine of 11 and Kullberg 3 of 3.
  The Rebels were without starting forward Jess Kenerson,
who watched from the bench on crutches after sustaining
an ankle-tendon injury.
  But Sarah Stanhope had a big game, scoring a game-high
20 points and hitting 6-7 at the freethrow line. Said
John Champion late in the first half: ``Sarah Stanhope's
done everything but take tickets.''
  Grace Dawson broke into double figures for South with 10
points, while Meghan McEntee scored 6 and Jillian Tente
  The second half was feast or famine at the nets, as the
teams went one second short of four minutes without a
score. But after Kullberg made a power move and
converted the freethrow for a three-point play, Dawson
hit a three-pointer to give back South the lead at
  The teams went on a furious offensive exchange, scoring
14 points within 1:26 and were tied at 27-27 with 9:45
  West Warwick went to full-court pressure, resulting in
some S.K. turnovers, but the Wizards were under a spell
from outside.
  After another scoring drought, this one last 3:30,
Lauren Hathaway made a nice pass to Stanhope, whose
lay-up gave the Rebels a 29-27 lead with 6:10 to go.
  Marissa Justice also made a key play, giving her team
possession after her defensive hustle forced a jump
  The Wizards finally found the formula for success with
some slashing moves to the basket. Alyson St. Amano
knotted the score at 29-29, and she was open again
underneath for an easy two, putting the visitors ahead
for good.
  West Warwick went on a 14-4 run and led 41-33 with just
under three minutes remaining. Only the quick recapture
of a stolen pass allowed Meghan McEntee to break the
  The game was apparently in hand for the Wizards, but
someone forgot to tell the Rebels, who managed a late
rally. Stanhope answered right after a Wizard bucket and
again with a pair of freethrows (41-35). Jillian Tente
scored a hoop off somemore great hustle from Hathaway,
and suddenly the home team was within five (42-37) with
a minute to play.
  ``Scrappiest team in the whole school,'' observed
Athletic Director Bob Cavanagh from the sidelines.
  ``Our captain (Justice) provides a lot of that, so does
Sarah (Stanhope). Sarah's just more quiet about it,''
said McCarty afterward. ``Even when North Kingstown was
beating us by a lot, they were still playing hard right
to the end.''
  With West Warwick struggling at the line, the clock
became the larger enemy, and two more foul shots by
Stanhope and another by Dawson brought the Rebels to
within three (45-42) with 5.6 seconds to go.

W.Warwick 45, SKHS 42
South Kingstown: Kim Arundel 1 0-0 2; Grace Dawson 4 1-3
10; Meghan McEntee 2 2-3 6; Caitlin Mullen 0 0-0 0;
Marisa Justice 0 0-0 0; Jill Tente 2 0-2 4; Lauren
Hathaway 0 0-1 0; Sarah Stanhope 7 6-7 20. Totals: 16
9-16 42.
West Warwick: Natalie Andrus 0 0-4 0; Christine Mello 0
0-0 0; Stephanie Petreccia 2 1-8 5; Alyson Stamano 3 2-5
8; Kristen Antonellis 0 0-0 0; Alex Dunton 5 9-11 19;
Jamie Kullberg 5 3-3 13. Totals: 15 15-31 45.
3's: S-Grace Dawson 1.
Halftime: South Kingstown 20-18
JV: SK 29-26

Jan 22, 1999 (Game #G08): Pilgrim - home
($3 admission with programs.)

  South Kingstown blows it early, losing 55-48
  South looked awful in the early going. Nothing went right.
Pilgrim was up 19-3 at the end of the first quarter.
  In the second half, Pilgrim was stone cold for quite a few
minutes, allowing South to creep back into the game. Late in 
the game, just when Pilgrim seemed to regain control and have
the win, South started to press.
  South's pressing was successful and they were able to get 
three or four quick baskets to make things interesting.
(They may have gotten within five, hard to remember.) With 1:28
to go, thanks to those quick baskets, it was 47-41, Pilgrim. 
Pilgrim prevailed, however, converting most of their free throws
resulting from South's having to foul late in the game.
  It was a very discouraging loss. 
  Pilgrim must have the shortest team in the league. Most of
them are pretty good ball-handlers. 
  South did try a man-to-man defense for much of the game.
  Sarah Stanhope had another good game although she felt
she should have stopped her man's outside shooting. Some kids
aren't afraid to shoot.
  Grace Dawson and Marisa Justice played well. They were
able to hit from the outside. 
  Jillian Tente and Lauren Hathaway had the remaining
points for South. 
  Meg McEntee started in place of the injured Jess
Kenerson and hustled on defense.
  Kate Lewis joined the team, up from the JV Squad.
  North Kingstown next - yuk! Pass before you get in trouble.
                       FG  M  A  T
                       -- ----- --
   Stanhope             8  3- 5 19
   Hathaway             1  2- 2  4
   McEntee              0  0- 1  0
   Tente                1  3- 7  5
   Justice              5  0- 1 13
   Dawson               3  0- 1  7
   Arundel              0  0- 0  0
   Mullen               0  0- 0  0
   Gama                 0  0- 0  0
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               18  8-17 48

   Opponent            19 15-33 55

   3 Pts: PI-Furoli, Silvestrini; SK-Dawson, Justice 3.
     1/2: PI 31-13.
      JV: SK 48-34.

Jan 09, 1999 (Game #G09): North Kingstown - away
($3 admission, no programs.)

  North goes easy on South, winning 73-60
  North Kingstown went easy on South last night. North's starters
got lots of rest. Also, they didn't press as hard as they did in
the previous meeting this season. 
  Supposedly, the North Kingstown coach wrote a letter of apology
to South after the first game. North apologized for playing so
hard and beating South so badly.
  South shot well from the outside. The defense and passing still
needs a lot of work. Opponents always pass at will on the 
  The game didn't open in the usual blow-out mode. As a matter of
fact, North took a 20 second timeout after a minute of play with
the score tied 2-all and not 20-0 in North's favor. Something 
wasn't right.!!
  South had some great outside shooting from Marisa Justice
and Grace Dawson. Grace turned on very late in the game. 
SCFun tracked the 3-point shots. In the first half, North was 
4-12 and South was 2-5. In the second half, North was 2-5 and 
South was 5-5.
  Sarah Stanhope played good and bad. On the bad side, 
she, like many of her teammates, made too many bad passes. Also,
she passes too often when the odds would be better if she would
just pull up and shoot rather than pass. When the pass option is
selected, 90% of the time something goes wrong somewhere on the
other end.
  Sarah was pulled on her second foul in the first half 
with four minutes still to play. She ended the game with three
fouls. Pulling for fouls is always a tough call.
  It was good to see more players scoring. Meg McEntee and
Lauren Hathaway played well. 
  Caitlion Mullen, Rosemary Daley, and Kim Arundel had 
some quality minutes. Kate Lewis got into her varsity
  The lights in the gym seemed fine, much better than they have
been in the past.
  Nicole Campbell had her "1,000-point" ball at the game. Sarah
Stanhope has a legitimate shot at 1,000 points but neither she 
nor anyone else seems to have any interest in fighting for that
goal. She'll probably miss out on a thousand by one "benching".
The team is one loss away from being mathematically eliminated
from the playoffs.
  Two players were missing. Stephanie Gama went home sick 
after the JV game. Jillian Tente went home sick from 
                       FG  M  A  T
                       -- ----- --
   Stanhope             7  2- 4 16
   Hathaway             4  1- 4  9
   McEntee              3  1- 1  7
   Dawson               3  0- 0  9
   Justice              5  0- 0 14
   Arundel              1  0- 0  2
   Mullen               0  1- 2  1
   Daley                1  0- 0  2
   Lewis                0  0- 0  0
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               24  5-11 60

   Opponent            26 15-33 73

   3 Pts: SK-Justice 4, Dawson 3; NK-Fischer 3, Campbell 3.
     1/2: NK 38-22.
      JV: NK.

Jan 29, 1999 (Game #G10): Coventry - home
($0 admission, no programs.)

  Most exciting game of the season
  That was the most exciting game of the season. Despite turnover
after turnover in the first half (luckily, Coventry wasn't able
to exploit), South was always in the game. It was a strange
feeling. South was only down by four at the half. Ultimately,
they lost by 10 although the paper had them losing by 20. 
  The game was moved back to 3:30 from its normal 7:00 start. It
sounds like there was a big dance at Coventry. Also, it sounds
like a few Coventry girls were kicked off the team because they
pulled the "go home sick, get haircut, can't play game, but
can go to the dance" trick.
  Sarah Stanhope controlled the opening tip but, as usual,
the other team got the ball. She also felt a benching in the
first half. She's probably not sure why. She had a nice, long, 
unexpected conversation with the Coventry coach after the game.
  Caitlin Mullen had a great game. She's not afraid to 
put it up and has a nice touch. Kim Arundel also played
well both ways. 
  Many of the fans like some of the moves off the bench. They
also wonder why the obvious potential hasn't been getting more
time. Maybe the view is different from the other side.
  Jess Kenerson had her cast removed. She still has a ways
to go before she can play.
  It looks like someone else is in the dog house, however. SCFun
won't mention names of course.
                       FG  M  A  T
                       -- ----- --
   Stanhope             4  9-12 17
   Hathaway             0  1- 3  1
   McEntee              0  0- 0  0
   Dawson               2  0- 0  5
   Justice              1  2- 2  5
   Mullen               4  0- 0  8
   Tente                1  0- 0  2
   Arundel              3  3- 9  9
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               15 15-26 47

   Opponent            18 19-24 57

   3 Pts: CO-Nester, Ferri; SK-Justice, Dawson.
     1/2: CO 25-21.
      JV: CO 25-21.

Feb 01, 1999 (Game #G11): Rogers - home
($3 admission, no programs.)

  South Kingstown wins their first league game!
  They won! - They won. Their first league win. Congrats to the
players and coaches. Even Vicki Tefft who started the game
five minutes early - isn't that unconstitutional.
  "Somebody tell them that they're winning" was yelled by one of
the S.K. Fans as the team seemed to play in their frantic 
"make-up" mode instead of an "in control" mode.
  Sarah Stanhope took a rough body-slam on a tug-of-war
situation. There will be some good "black and blues" tomorrow. 
  It wasn't a good feeling when Rogers scored five relatively
easy points just as the half was ending.
  The refs were awful.
  Most of the JV players left early with the last days of 
mid-terms being tomorrow.
  Carolyn Thornton covered the game for ProJo. (She has a new 
haircut, a new look.) Her report follows below. [And it
appears the Narr Times was there also. Their article follows.]
                       FG  M  A  T
                       -- ----- --
   Stanhope             8  4- 4 20
   Mullen               0  0- 0  0
   Hathaway             1  4- 6  6
   Tente                2  3- 7  7
   Justice              3  0- 0  8
   McEntee              0  0- 0  0
   Dawson               3  0- 0  7
   Gama                 0  0- 0  0
   Arundel              1  0- 0  2
   Daley                0  0- 0  0
   Lewis                0  0- 0  0
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               18 11-17 50

   Opponent            13  5-08 32

   3 Pts: RO-Neal; SK-Dawson, Justice 2.
     1/2: SK 27-13.
      JV: SK 47-17.

Rebels finally see their efforts pay off
South Kingstown wins its first league game of
the season, beating Rogers, 50-32.

Journal Sports Writer

SOUTH KINGSTOWN -- The South Kingstown girls basketball
team learned last night that hard work, dedication and
a whole lot of patience will ultimately lead to success
-- even if it takes a little longer than expected.
  After dropping their first 10 I-South games of the
season, the Rebels secured their first league win
yesterday, defeating Rogers, 50-32, at Veterans
Memorial Gymnasium.
  ``It's just so hard to keep trying so hard and to keep
putting in the effort and not have it pay off,'' said
Sarah Stanhope, a senior co-captain with SK's only
other senior Marisa Justice. ``So this was a big win
for us. It really boosts our confidence.''
  Stanhope, the Rebels' top scorer all season, once again
led the way against Rogers, netting a game-high 20
points and recording seven steals and five rebounds.
  ``Sometimes we fall behind in the first half, but this
time we came out strong and got a big lead right from
the start,'' Stanhope said. ``We made a lot of good
passes. Everything just kind of jived.''
  South Kingstown rushed out to a 27-13 halftime lead
paced by 12 points from Stanhope and another 5 from
  Grace Dawson contributed all seven of her points in the
second half, as the Rebels continued to pull away.
  ``We pressed a little more than we normally do because
we knew their best player, Akeia Neves, was out with an
injury,'' said South Kingstown coach Steve McCarty, who
is assisted by Wayne Carroll. ``So we created some
turnovers, which resulted in some baskets. We stayed
out of foul trouble and just played better position
  Caitlin Mullen led the Rebels under the boards with six
rebounds. Jill Tente contributed to the scoring effort
with seven points. Justice finished with eight points,
and Lauren Hathaway chipped in six points and had six
steals and five rebounds.
  ``We told the players this is just the beginning,''
McCarty said. ``This wasn't the end of our wins. We've
got seven games left, and we can grab some more wins if
we play well.''
  Allyson McCalla scored 14 points and Kendra Goodrum had
7 for the Vikings, who drop to 1-10.


Wed., Feb. 3, 1999

Captains key SK surge

By MATT BEZUYEN, Narragansett Times

SOUTH KINGSTOWN - The South Kingstown High girls'
basketball team didn't look like a team seeking its
first league win of the season on Monday. The Rebels
looked like a team that was loose and had confidence,
and, led by its two senior co-captains, South Kingstown
never trailed, easily picking up the first Division I
South win of the year, 50-32, over Rogers High
  ``Our leadership comes from our captains, our only two
seniors,'' said S.K. Head Coach Steve McCarty. ``Our
morale has been good all year. The girls come to
practice and work hard every day,''
  The two seniors McCarty was speaking of are Sarah
Stanhope and Marisa Justice.
  Stanhope, playing out of position due to an injury to
starting center Jessica Kenerson, led all scorers with
20 points. Stanhope made her presence felt in more than
the scoring column, rebounding and passing the ball to
open teammates in transition.
  Justice hit two 3-pointers to help open up the South
Kingtown lead and scored eight points in the game. The
co-captains also acted as coaches on the floor.
  ``It's been awesome being captain with (Sarah)
Stanhope.'' said Justice. ``Sometimes you have too many
leaders. It's not so much that we're the leaders, but
that were all a cooperative group leaning on each other.
Stanhope and I have been through a lot and stuck it out,
and it's for the love of the game.''
  South jumped out to an early 5-0 lead and never looked
back as the Rebels defense led to several easy baskets.
The Vikings were playing without their starting point
guard, Akeia Neves, and it showed as an early full-court
press was effective.
  ``We pressed a little bit more than usual because we
knew that Neves wasn't in the game. If you press her,
she'll just dribble right by you,'' said McCarty.
  The Rebels held a 27-13 halftime lead behind Stanhope.
The senior scored 12 first-half points, going
four-of-four from the foul line.
  The lead may have been bigger if not for the play of
Rogers' Allyson McCalla, who scored eight of the
Vikings' 13 first-half points.
  McCalla hit the first hoop of the second half to bring
Rogers to within 27-15. A put-back by Stanhope and a
3-pointer by Justice quickly swung the momentum back in
favor of South Kingstown.
  The Rebels got the lead up to 40-22 with 10:15 left to
play in the game before going into a scoring drought.
  Rogers was able to go on a 6-0 run to get to within 12
points. Kendra Goodwin scored five of the points during
the Vikings' run.
  Needing a basket, South came up with a big turnover.
Lauren Hathaway was able to get a steal off the press
and was fouled. Hathaway made both freethrows to get the
lead back to 42-28. Those were the first Rebels points
in five minutes.
  That started a 10-0 run that upped the South lead to
50-30, putting the game away. Stanhope had two baskets
during the run, and Grace Dawson scored on a fast break,
receiving a nice pass from Jill Tente.
  Freethrow shooting was a strong point in the game for
the Rebels until the final two minutes. South had gone
nine-for-10 from the line, before hitting just two out
of the last seven attempts the took.
  ``Our freethrow shooting has been pretty good all
year,'' said McCarty. ``We made more shots than they
  With Kenerson missing, Caitlin Mullen got her first
start of the year after scoring eight points off the
bench in the last South game. Although Mullen did not
score in the game, she put pressure on the ball in the
full-court press and took care of the ball on offense.
  Although the Rebels were allowed to celebrate their
first league win of the year, McCarty hopes to build on
this success. ``I told them after the game that this is
just the beginning. We have seven games left and we can
grab some wins out of them.''

South Kingstown 50 - Rogers 32
South Kingstown: Kim Arundel 1 0-0 2, Rosemary Daly 0
0-0 0, Grace Dawson 3 0-0 7, Meghan McEntee 0 0-2 0,
Caitlin Mullen 0 0-0 0, Marisa Justice 3 0-0 8, Jill
Tente 2 3-7 7, Lauren Hathaway 1 4-6 6, Stephanie Gama 0
0-0 0, Srah Stanhope 8 4-4 20; Totals 18 11-17 50.
Rogers: Ali Jenkins 0 1-2 1, Lisa Beck 1 0-0 2, Liz
Weaver 0 1-2 1, Meganne Atkins 1 0-0 2, Meghan Palume 0
0-0 0, Kendra Goodwin 3 1-2 7, Nakesha Neal 1 2-2 5,
Allyson McCalla 7 0-0 14.
3-pt goals: South (2) Justice 2, Dawson; Rogers (1)
Halftime: South 27-13

Feb 03, 1999 (Game #G12): Toll Gate - away
($3 admission, no programs.)

  South Kingstown plays well but can't overcome Toll Gate
  South was within five points with under seven minutes to play.
They had done well to chip away at Toll Gate's 15-point half-time
lead. The fans were getting excited. But then they got careless.
A few bad passes here and there and Toll Gate was back in the
driver's seat. Nice try, guys. Keep it up.
  Toll Gate won 71-54.
  What is it with the bad passing. Many teams have a problem with
this. South may be at the top. The players can't lead the 
receiver, they can't loft, they can't fake, they can't pass 
crisply, they can't not telegraph. Then take their eyes off the 
ball (it only takes a split second to catch, why take your eye 
off it). Then they pass into crowds, etc. 
  ``This one was winnable. Very winnable. But we seem to get to
a certain point in the second half where the other team puts it
into second gear and we don't. It has happened a lot.''
  The above could easily apply to SK. But it doesn't. It's Coach
Dayna Smith talking about the URI Women's Basketball Team.
  It would never be Coach McCarty. Coach tries hard to keep a 
positive attitude, especially in the press. 
  Sarah Stanhope had a great game. It was possibly a
career high for the senior. SCFun thought she had 23 in that
Westerly game a couple years ago - the one where they kept
fouling Sarah in the last three minutes and she kept making them.
But SCFun was wrong.
  Sarah threw a wild one up as the shot clock ran down
in the second half. It bounced high and went in - unfortunately
it hit a guy wire and was disallowed.
  Marisa Justice had twelve for South. Lauren Hathaway,
Meg "one of these days I'll dribble the length of the floor" 
McEntee, Jillian Tente, Caitlin  Mullen, and Grace Dawson
completed the scoring for the Rebels. [Just kidding, Meg]
  Lindsay Ryan had a great game for Toll Gate. She had so many
easy gimmes, especially when South's press was broken. She must 
be about 6-1 or 6-2. Sometimes she rebounds without jumping, she
just reaches over her opponents shoulder to pluck the ball away.
  South fans were upset about the refs not calling 3-seconds in
the paint against Toll Gate.
  Stephanie Gama got hurt in the JV game and spent the
varsity game icing her ankle on the bench.
                       FG  M  A  T
                       -- ----- --
   Stanhope             9  5- 5 23
   McEntee              2  2- 4  6
   Hathaway             0  2- 2  2
   Tente                2  1- 2  5
   Justice              5  0- 0 12
   Mullen               2  0- 0  4
   Dawson               1  0- 1  2
   Arundel              0  0- 0  0
   Daley                0  0- 0  0
   Lewis                0  0- 0  0
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               21 10-14 54

   Opponent            28  9-13 71

   3 Pts: SK-Justice 2; TG-Jackson 4.
     1/2: TG 35-20.
      JV: TG 47-35.

Feb 09, 1999 (Game #G13): Chariho - home
($3 admission with programs.)

  South Kingstown wins on Senior Night!
  Senior night went well. Biggest crowd of the season. Mr. Brown
was there. Also Mr. Hodge, Ms. Drowne, Maureen, and a lot of
other familiar faces that haven't been seen in a while. 
  The cheerleaders made a presentation of flowers to the two 
seniors, Marisa Justice and Sarah Stanhope just before
the game got underway. Senior night was a little early because
Marisa will be away during vacation week.
  Just before halftime, Mr. Cavanagh asked everyone to remain in
their seats at the half. 
  When halftime came, Mr. Cavanagh, as emcee, said in his opening
remarks that the girls' basketball team was the scrappiest team
at the school. All right! 
  Coach McCarty, who goes back five years as the coach of Marisa
and Sarah when they played on the junior high team as seventh
graders, relived his years with the girls. Then the sophomore
girls did their act, followed by the juniors Jillian Tente and
Sara Cox. 
  The two seniors got a nice blanket with their name engraved 
[embroided]. Also, a scrap book, basketball, poster, video tape,
flowers, 100 shares of Yahoo stock, and a few other miscellaneous
  The scrapbooks, besides articles and pictures, had remembrances
from members of the team. Sarah was touched by Caitlin
Mullen's thoughts.
  After the game, the girls went to Tony's Pizza. Chariho's Becca
Newman and her mom were there. They have already started their
college tour instead of waiting until the summer before her
senior year - good luck.
  The game, ... almost forgot.
  The game was much better than the last meeting between these
two teams. This time SK won 57-42. This time Kerri Serois didn't
kill us with the long bomb.
  South came out on fire, especially on defense. It was fairly
frantic there for a while. SK jumped out to a quick 10-1 lead
before Chariho started to chip away. 
  The halftime lead of 15 points looked like it might slowly
evaporate in the second half. Chariho scored the first six points
in the second half before Caitlin Mullen hit for two.
After, Chariho would often get the lead down to 10 but then South
would always managed to get it back into that 13-15 point range.
  At one point in the second half there were technicals on
both sides. The problem was precipitated by South having six
girls on the court. Grace Dawson ran off quickly but not
quickly enough. Word on the street is that Caitlin Mullen
forgot to come out.
  Sarah had a strange game in that she fouled out. Most
likely the first time in her career. She rode the bench for a
few minutes because of the fouls. She felt a couple of the calls
against her were cheap, mickey mouse calls. Her fifth foul was
on a drive down the lane where she made the running basket but
was called for charging. What do you impartial people think?
Late in the game, Coach McCarty was yelling at her not to
leave her feet.
  Kim Arundel played well. She had nine as did Jillian
Tente. Jillian, SCFun won't embarrass you by 
mentioning "that pass" to the phantom player in the first half.
  Chariho's Jesse Wood was the coolest player on the floor thanks
to the high white socks and the white wrist band worn high on the
arm. After the game, she said "Next year I'm going to be more
cool, I'm getting a tatoo."    
  For those of you reading this twenty years from today ...
  It was a big day also in the trial of the President. There were 
two votes in the Senate today. The first, to make the
deliberations open, failed to get a two-thirds majority. Then
there was another vote which seemed to be the same thing (to not
close the deliberations but not really), but that only needed a
simple majority, which it didn't get. Are you confused too?
                       FG  M  A  T
                       -- ----- --
   Stanhope            11  3- 4 25
   McEntee              2  0- 0  4
   Hathaway             0  2- 2  2
   Tente                2  5- 6  9
   Justice              0  2- 2  2
   Mullen               1  0- 0  2
   Dawson               1  2- 4  4
   Arundel              3  3- 4  9
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               20 17-22 57

   Opponent             9 19-40 42

   3 Pts: CH-Wood, Newman, Caldwell 3; SK-none.
     1/2: SK 31-16.
      JV: SK 49-43.

Fri., Feb. 12, 1999

Senior Night was Sarah's night


SOUTH KINGSTOWN - Tuesday night's girls' basketball game
between Chariho and South Kingstown was billed as Senior
Night for the Rebels. But it might as well have been
labeled Sarah Stanhope Night, because the Rebels senior
center had a night to remember.
  The 5-foot-9 Stanhope completely had her way with the
Chargers, especially in the opening half, en route to a
game-high, 25-point performance in the 57-42 win.
Stanhope played her best basketball in the opening 16
minutes, scoring at will, playing excellent defense, and
doing just about everything except selling popcorn and
peanuts to the home crowd.
  "Sarah is probably the best all-around player I have
ever coached," said Rebel head coach Steve McCarty.
"We've played her everywhere this year, from point guard
to center, and she always comes through for us."
  For the record, Stanhope did most of her damage inside,
hitting nearly every shot she put up in the first half,
as the Rebels built up a 31-16 advantage at
intermission. She scored the first five points of the
game, and added 13 more before the half ended in a
dominating first-half performance.
  "We really wanted to win this game," said Stanhope,
whose team improves to 2-13 in Division I-South. "We've
been on a high. We played well against North Kingstown,
and we beat Rogers, so our confidence is really up right
  The Chargers designed their game plan in hopes of
stopping Stanhope, but it didn't work.
  "One of our goals," pointed out longtime Charger head
coach Charlie Toscano, "was to not allow her to get the
ball close to the hoop. We emphasized that, but we
weren't able to execute, and she was able to score from
close range.
  "South Kingstown came out very excited; it was their
Senior Night, so they had a lot of enthusiasm. And we
weren't able to match it," Toscano added. "I thought
after the first few minutes things would settle down,
but we couldn't hit outside shots when we needed to."
  The Chargers only had nine field goals in the game.
Amazingly, five of the hoops came from beyond the
three-point arc, one more basket than they hit from
two-point land. A little more than seven minutes had
elapsed before Chariho scored its first field goal (a
basket from Kerri Sirois), but by that time the Rebels
were up by six (12-6) and less than a minute later, at
8:18, Stanhope scored to make it a 10-point game, 16-6.
  Rachael Caldwell, who tied Jesse Wood for team-high
scoring honors with 13, hit the first of her three
three-pointers at 5:12 to pull Chariho to within 20-11,
but a nice put back by Kim Arundel and a three-point
play from Stanhope, at 3:58, kept South Kingstown's good
times rolling, 25-11. The Rebels would then take their
biggest lead of the half, 31-13, after Lauren Hathaway
scored a pair of free throws with 47 seconds left.
  While Stanhope was the only Rebel to score in double
figures, several other players had nice offensive games.
Arundel and Jill Tente finished with nine points apiece.
Grace Dawson and Meghan McEntee had four points each,
while Caitlin Mullen, Marisa Justice and Hathaway each
added two points.
  Caldwell and Wood scored 13 each for the Chargers.
Sirois added six, and Emily Moseley, Becca Newman, Becky
Dion scored three each. Freshman guard Michaela Cardinal
also cracked the scoring column, tallying a single
  In the second half, the Chargers never seriously
challenged their rivals. Chariho did, however, climbed
to within 39-31 with six minutes left after eight
straight points, six of them coming from three-pointers
from a Caldwell. Stanhope stopped the bleeding, though,
with an old-fashioned three-point play, and then
Justice, the other South Kingstown senior honored at
halftime, scored her only points of the game to make it
44-31 with five minutes and change left.
  Arundel, who had a steady game, tacked on three free
throws, and then Stanhope scored another basket to make
it 49-35. In the final three minutes, South Kingstown
never allowed Chariho to get to closer than 11 points,
eventually winning by the 15-point margin.
  There were a combined 48 fouls in the game, and South
Kingstown did a much better job shooting from the
charity stripe, hitting 17 of 22 shots. Chariho,
meanwhile only connected on 19 of 40 attempts, paving
the way to the defeat.
  In the junior varsity game, the Rebels managed to get
the better of the Chargers, winning 49-43. Kate Lewis
scored 20 for South, while Lauren Devereaux added 15 for
the Chargers.

SKHS 57, Chariho 42
Chariho: Moseley 0 3-4 3, Howard 0 0-1 0, Wood 2 8-16
13, Newman 1 0-6 3, Dion 1 1-2 3, Sirois 1 4-6 6,
Cardinal 0 1-2 1, Caldwell 4 2-3 13; totals 9 19-40 42.
South Kingstown: Arundel 3 3-4 9, Dawson 1 2-4 4,
McEntee 2 0-0 4, Mullen 1 0-0 2, Justice 0 2-2 2, Tente
2 5-6 9, Hathaway 0 2-2 2, Stanhope 11 3-4 25; totals 20
17-22 57.
3-pointers: C-Wood, Caldwell 3.
Halftime: South Kingstown, 31-16.

Feb 12, 1999 (Game #G14): Rogers - away
($2 admission, no programs.)

  Thank god for Rogers, South wins 46-25
  It was South's third game (only two were league) against Rogers
and it was South's third win against Rogers.
  It was a much different tempo than we saw the other night at
Senior Night. No one scored until 2:10 in when Jillian Tente
hit a couple free throws.  The second half was the same. It was 
3:18 in before Rogers hit a basket.
  Rogers misses their Akeia Neves, still injured with a bad ankle.
  Sarah Stanhope had a few nice passes, one to Marisa,
an assist, and another to Grace Dawson.
  Marisa got hot in the second half and made three three's
just when South needed them.
  Caitlin Mullen got into a wrestling match with Sarah
on a rebound. Sarah finally won the ball. That was a weird scene.
  Kim Arundel had a fine game under the boards.
  Stephanie Gama was missing. She may have been at the
doctor's. This was Marisa's last game for awhile due to
  The final score was 45 for South. Yet the paper showed 46. We
all should know by now that the scorer's table makes their share
of errors. The ones with the time clocks are visible to the fans.
The errors made in the books are not that visible. Look at what
happened to the SKHS Boys' Team a couple weeks ago when the table
couldn't correctly tally the number of halves that a cross-over
had played for both the JV game and the Varsity game. A forfeit
  And of course, you get stubborn scorers who won't even correct
their mistakes when told about them. 
  How many points does your kid have for her career? Don't expect
the school to be organized and know the answer.
                       FG  M  A  T
                       -- ----- --
   Stanhope             8  3- 6 19
   McEntee              0  0- 0  0
   Hathaway             0  0- 0  0
   Tente                3  4- 6 10
   Justice              4  2- 2 13
   Mullen               1  0- 0  2
   Dawson               0  0- 0  0
   Arundel              1  0- 3  2
   Daley                0  0- 0  0
   Lewis                0  0- 0  0
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               17 11-12 46?

   Opponent            12  3-14 25

   3 Pts: SK-Justice 3; Rogers-none.
     1/2: SK 21-12.
      JV: SK 38-21.

Feb 17, 1999 (Game #G15): East Greenwich - away
($3 admission, no programs.)

  East Greenwich hits a lot of three's
  East Greenwich secured a playoff spot with their 74-52 win. 
Marie Audet made five 3-pointers all by herself. The team had
ten 3-pointers. Is there another defensive option?
  Kim Arundel (good moves), Grace Dawson (some
steals and breakaways, three's), Jillian Tenete, driving
the lane and that wicked "3" just as time ran out on the game.
Caitlin Mullen continues to display a nice touch.
  Sarah Stanhope had a rough first half but recovered.
  Kate Lewis and Marisa Justice were away on 
                       FG  M  A  T
                       -- ----- --
   Stanhope             8  1- 2 15
   McEntee              2  0- 0  4
   Hathaway             1  0- 2  2
   Tente                4  1- 2 10
   Mullen               2  0- 0  4
   Arundel              3  1- 2  7
   Dawson               3  0- 0  8
   Gamma                1  0- 0  2
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               23  3- 8 52

   Opponent            30  4- 6 74

   3 Pts: SK-Dawson 2, Tente; EG-Shawver, Matarese 4; Audet 5.
     1/2: EG 39-25.
      JV: SK 33-31.

Feb 19, 1999 (Game #G16): Westerly - home
($0 admission, no programs.)

  Sarah Jean, do you believe in miracles?
  They did it again. Two years ago South knocked Westerly out of
the playoff picture. In that game, Sarah Stanhope sank about
ten straight free throws in the last 90 seconds to seal the win.
That was at Westerly.
  And now, they did it again. SCFun thought Westerly still had a
Coventry make-up to go but they evidently snuck in that make-up
somewhere. Regardless, it was a must win for the Bulldogs.
  South won going away, 50-40. (SCFun was thrilled with the win
but at the same time, SCFun also likes Westerly; the kids, Coach
Luppe, the "Bulldogs", the team colors, the parents, apple pie,
and would have preferred to have knocked any other team out of the 
playoffs. Don't tell anyone.)
  It was senior Sarah Stanhope's last home game. (Marisa
Justice is still away.) 
  Sara Cox did a nice job on the introductions with 
Sarah being the last player introduced. "... and Sarah
Stanhope, playing her last home game ...".
  Mary Hughes and her mother stayed to watch the game. They had
Sarah's senior night tape which they were going to watch 
later. Let's hope they don't write over it taping "Providence"
or some other show.
  Sarah is very close to a scoring plateau but you 
wouldn't know it watching her. If anything, you would almost 
think she is going after an "assist" record. (Where are the high
school stats - would it be an easy thing to check on her 
"assists" or would it be a "problem"? Don't ask!)
  Sarah scored the first basket for South. She also picked
up her first foul in the first 1:06. Happily, the foul was not
a bad omen as Sarah went on to score a career high of 27,
one home game after senior-night where she also had a previous 
career high of 25. Great job, Sarah.

Tid bits, first half:
Damn, Sarah picks up a foul in first 66 seconds.
Meg McEntee got into foul trouble early.
Jess Kenerson enters game after being out a few weeks
  with that ankle injury.
At end of half, Westerly up by two at 16-14.
Tid bits, second half:
16-16, Jillian Tente saves a ball from going into 
  backcourt. To Jess Kenerson to Sarah for the
21-21, Three. Lay-up and conversion of free throw by Sarah.
23-21, Lay-up by Kim Arundel on assist from Sarah.
25-21, Lay-up by Meg on assist from Sarah.
27-26, Again, lay-up by Meg on assist from Sarah.
Westerly player fouled by Meg on way to basket. Westerly
  fans very upset, they thought it was a flagrant foul. Meg
  never looked as serious as she did when she turned to face the 
  Westerly fans.
Meg came back a little bit later for a nice blocked-shot.
31-28, basket by Sarah.
33-36, Westerly gets back on track.
35-36, Sarah from the right corner for two.
37-36, Sarah converts one-and-one.  
39-38, Sarah is blocked at the other end and converts 
39-39, 1:52.0 left.
41-39, 1:33.0 left, Sarah pushed. Hits two free throws.
43-39,              Jillian Tente scores on a lay-up, 
44-39,              Jillian hits one free throw.
44-39,  :56.4 left, South misses two free throws.
44-40,              Westerly hits one free throw.
46-40,  :42.4 left, Grace Dawson hits two really BIG free
Westerly fouled but misses both free throws.
48-40,  :30.2 left, Sarah fouled; hits both.
50-40,  :14.2 left, Grace hits for two.
50-40, 0:00.0 left, South wins 50-40. How sweet it is!
  Number 20, for Westerly, was losing her shorts at half-time
and had to have them taped to her waist.
  There were a lot of small kids in the stands that Sarah
taught earlier in the week at a basketball camp run by Coach 
Wayne Carroll.
  Audra Criscione attended. SCFun didn't know she was on the
swim team. She said she enjoyed being on the swim team. She's 
afraid the SKHS Swim Team may not exist next year.
  Jess Kenerson was making her first appearance in a long
time. Her ankle can't be 100% She didn't start but saw lots
of action.
  Kate Lewis arrived just before game time. Her family had
just returned from Atlanta and had not even been home, coming
straight from the Hartford airport. [Linda Ziemke, URI BB Coach,
resigns today.]

What's the big deal?: 
  SCFun has all the ProJo box scores and is showing an 8-point
differential with the high school's stats. There has to be an
error SOMEWHERE. You would think the high school would be more
than happy to take a half-hour to resolve the differences so 
the elevation of Sarah's plateau could be refined, making the 
"special moment" (if it ever comes; there are no guarantees)
just that much more special. 
  Just 30 minutes ... flipping the pages ... "OK - OK - OK - 
oops, off by one in this game, we'll come back to it and check it
out, OK - OK, etc." But NO, it appears they have no interest in 
resolving the discrepancy. 
  Maybe the box score is in error, maybe it isn't. Maybe the box
score is correct; maybe North Kingstown, as the official scorer
has the correct score, maybe SK doesn't? 
  Who the hell knows? At least make an effort. Unbelievable.
  Don't you parents save your kids' box scores for their future 
scrapbook? And SCFun has no personal interest in Sarah.
We are simply a national news organization located in Yellow
Springs, Ohio, that thinks it's not asking too much to review 
score-books that are often maintained by wonderful, 
well-meaning, amateurs.
                       FG  M  A  T  Rebounds  Assists
                       -- ----- --  --------  -------
   Stanhope             9  9- 9 27  21        Many       
   McEntee              2  0- 0  4                        
   Hathaway             1  0- 0  2
   Tente                2  1- 3  5
   Dawson               2  4- 4  8
   Kenerson             0  0- 0  0
   Mullen               1  0- 0  2
   Arundel              1  0- 2  2
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               18 14-18 50

   Opponent            11 16-27 40

   3 Pts: WE-Crowley 2; SK-none.
     1/2: WE 16-14.
      JV: SK 33-31.

Feb 23, 1999 (Game #G17): West Warwick - away
($3 admission, with nice programs, including a team picture.)

  She did it!
  Sarah Stanhope reached the 1,000 point plateau. With
4:59 left in the game, she got a pass from Meg McEntee,
who was in a crowd, right under the board. Meg was trying
to keep the ball inbounds. She found Sarah open. Sarah
was about six feet out, just right of center. She took the easy 
pop and the bench leaped to its feet, screaming. They stopped the
game for about two minutes while she received congratulations.
  Marisa Justice gave her a rose. The freshmen gave her
a T-shirt with "I scored" on the front and "1,000" points on the
back. The shirt has hundreds of tiny sequins glued or sewed on.
Plus she got the ball that Mr. Cavanagh had brought with him to
the game. It was the game ball, a brand new ball. 
  Mr. Cavanagh was a little afraid that Sarah hadn't gotten the
right ball but he felt better after he saw his "mark" on the 
  There was a photographer there. He was sent by the Narragansett
Times. (He said Sports Editor Mick Colageo has left the paper.)
  Sarah appeared to be a little nervous in the first half. 
She only took three shots, hitting one. At half-time, Coach 
McCarty tried to relax her. 
  It wasn't until the second half that SCFun noticed players
making a conscious effort to get "it" done and get the ball to
  Jillian Tente tried on a couple fast breaks down the
court to thread the needle and get a pass to Sarah but
the ball went astray each time. 
  Thanks to Coach McCarty and/or Bob Cavanagh, A.D.
for scheduling 25 games this season. In the past, while many of
the other teams were playing 25 games (excluding playoffs), South
was playing 22, 21, and 22. 

  As for the game, which South lost 35-57:
  Jess Kenerson started. She got the first four points
in the game. Meg McEntee played a great all-around game.
She was everywhere. Grace Dawson hit a couple 3-pointers.
  Jillian had a rough collision with a West Warwick player
as they both dived for a free ball with 4:26 left. Jillian
sat out the rest of the game with ice on her knee.
  Marisa, how was your trip? Marisa, who wanted
to be on the floor when fellow captain Sarah scored the 
big one was unfortunately on the bench, the price everyone pays
for missing games during vacation week. Her wishful thinking may
have been overheard by the coach because he got her into the game
just in time.
  Sarah was less than 100%, with a cold on the way out.
It was good they didn't play Monday night as originally 
  Kate Lewis got her first basket in a varsity game. Way
to go! Stephanie Gama was a little under the weather and
didn't play. 

The rest is for Sarah only. Actually for Sarah
and her grandchildren. For helping-to-jog-memory purposes only. 
First half ...
         , assist to Jess Kenerson                       4- 8
         , gives up shot to pass off to Meg McEntee
           who travels
8:02 left, missed layup
6:12     , hits set from left side                  +2,  9-22
         , misses from left
Second half ...
         , set shot from near the foul line         +2, 15-36
         , misses close in
         , misses from left
         , fouled Dunton on drive down the lane
         , drives the right side for a layup        +2, 20-46
         , pops from right side                     +2, 22-48
9:14 left,
         , hits after getting inbounds from Mullen  +2, 24-54
         , Jillian tries a couple times to feed 
           Sarah but turnover results
4:59 left, from Meg McEntee, six feet out           +2, 29-55

  Sarah came out of the game shortly thereafter, having scored 
anywhere from 1,001 to 1,009 points, but who's counting?
  After the first half of the season, Sarah was definitely not on
track to score 1,000. She was averaging less than she did in her
sophomore year. But something happened half way through the 
season to turn things around. What the heck was it? 
  SCFun doesn't think she made a conscious effort to go after a
1,000. But when her game average suddenly increased by about 10 
points per game, the opportunity was once again within her reach. 
  Great job, Sarah. Especially for a player who often doesn't get
that many touches. And a player who would rather pass than shoot.
  Lots of minutes helped. She started almost every game in all 
four years. She may have missed starting, for one reason or 
another, one, maybe two games at the most, per season. 
  Sarah thanks everyone involved - Her current and past (Kelli 
Fay-Wolfe and Joel Tuoni from her first two years) coaches, her
teammates, her friendly competitors, her fans, Lady Luck, etc.
  It's nice to join "The 1,000 Point Club" whose members include
Bethany Iacoi, Christine Kane, Casie Rhodes, Sarah Tift, Nicole 
Campbell, Meg McGonagle, and "who else". From SKHS, there's 
Allison Souza, someone SCFun saw in the paper a few months ago 
(name?), and "who else".
  Mary Hughes and her mom came. Mom kept urging Sarah on from her
front row seat.
  West Warwick's Stephanie Petreccia, #22, played Sarah like a
                       FG  M  A  T  
                       -- ----- -- 
   Stanhope             6  0- 0 12       
   Hathaway             2  0- 0  4
   Kenerson             2  0- 0  4
   Dawson               2  0- 0  6
   Tente                1  0- 2  2
   McEntee              1  1- 2  3                        
   Arundel              1  0- 0  2
   Mullen               0  0- 0  0
   Justice              0  0- 0  0
   Daley                0  0- 0  0
   Lewis                1  0- 0  2
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               16  1- 4 35

   Opponent            25  5-14 57

   3 Pts: SK-Dawson 2; WW-Dunton, Alvarez.
     1/2: WW 57-35.
      JV: WW 36-31.

Below is from the Narragansett Times - 2/26/99
(There were also a couple pics, one on SCPictures.)

Stanhope reaches 1,000 points.

WEST WARWICK - Over the last 10 games South Kingstown
High senior center Sarah Stanhope has been on a tear, so
much so that she was able to topple the 1,000-point mark
with one game to spare.
  Stanhope did so on Tuesday night, when the Rebels girls'
basketball team played its next-to-last game, facing off
against West Warwick. With six minutes, 30 seconds to go
in the second half, Stanhope drained a jump shot to
reach the milestone in the 57-35 loss.
  Since moving over to center in the second half of the
season, the 5-foot-8 Stanhope, a point guard last year,
has become more of a scorer. Head coach Steve McCarty
said her quickness in the paint is a major weapon
against some of the slower post players she has faced.
  "Sarah is having a real good year," said McCarty,
"especially over the last 10 games. She's moved closer
to the basket, taking better shots and getting more
chances at the free-throw line. And the fact that she is
quicker than most centers has also helped her."
  Since moving into the paint, Stanhope has scored in
double figures. Her lowest point total (12) during that
stretch, ironically, was posted in Tuesday night's game.
But against Westerly last Friday, she came through with
a monster effort, scoring 27 points in a 50-40 victory
over the Bulldogs, knocking Westerly out of the playoff
race. In that game, Stanhope was a perfect 9 of 9 from
the charity stripe. But McCarty was more impressed with
something else.
  "To me," he said, "it was more impressive that she
grabbed 21 rebounds. She also had four assists. As you
can see, Sarah is doing everything."
  Going into the year, McCarty wasn't certain that
Stanhope would reach the 1,000-point plateau.
  "I didn't know how many points she had because I wasn't
her coach for her first two seasons. I got the books
from her first two years, added them up, and I knew she
had a chance. Everyone is really excited that she was
able to accomplish this," McCarty said.
  Stanhope was the only Rebel in double figures against
the Hurricanes, but not the only South Kingstown player
to play well in recent action. Against Westerly, Jill
Tente played some quality minutes at point guard,
according to McCarty, while Grace Dawson hit some key
free throws. On defense, Meghan McEntee provided a solid
effort, and Jessica Kenerson, returning from an injury,
did well rebounding inside.
  The Rebels, winners of four of their last seven, took a
4-13 Division I-South record into yesterday's game at
Pilgrim (results were unavailable in time for press).

Mar 01, 1999 (Game #G18): Pilgrim - away
(Normally $3 admission; tonight, family night, $2, with programs. )

  South Kingstown ends their season with a win against Pilgrim
  The season ended on a high note as South spoiled Pilgrim's
senior night with a 50-41 win. It was their fifth Division I win 
this year, the most in their short Division I history. They
had two last year and four two years ago.
  They opened the season with two non-league wins and then hit
bottom until the last four weeks of the season when they won five
of their last eight. Great comeback, guys!
  Pilgrim showed a lot of class last night. They had a wonderful
program that even included South's roster. And the first thing 
they did when they started their senior ceremony was to present
flowers to South's seniors, Marisa Justice and Sarah Stanhope.
How nice.
  Their seniors were Stephanie Callaghan, Kate Furoli, and
Melanie Miller.  
  South's seniors remained in the game almost until the end. With
six seconds to go and Sarah dribbling down court and Coach
McCarty urging her to shoot, Sarah attempted a 3-pointer
which hit the rim with Pilgrim rebounding. The clock stopped on a
foul on SK down at the other end with .4 seconds left. That was
it for Marisa and Sarah. Kate Lewis and Rosemary Daley
came in and the seniors' high school career was over. Pass a
tissue - not really. It was all very positive.

Tid bits for the memory bank:
First half ...
The game started very slowly. No one seemed to want to score.
10:24 left,  6- 2; Jillian Tente from Sarah who just had a nice
                   block at the other end
 7:50,       9- 9; Pilgrim ties
 5:00,      12-13; Pilgrim takes the lead
            15-13; Grace Dawson hits a 3-pointer
            17-13; Jillian drives the lane
            19-13; Sarah off the glass, for her 6th point
            21-15; Grace on a layup with an assist to Sarah        
                   (Sarah thinks Grace can read her mind)
            23-15; Grace again on a layup with an assist to Sarah
            25-17; Jess Kenerson with an assist to Sarah
            25-17; Did Sarah miss 3-pointer at the buzzer?
Second half ...
            27-17; Sarah on a putback
            29-17; Jess with an assist to Sarah
            33-21; Lauren Hathaway with an assist to Sarah, a
                   nice give-and-go
            35-21; Lauren again with an assist to Sarah
            37   ; Jess scores, Pilgrim's official scorer
                   doesn't record the basket but they correct
                   the problem after listening to Cheryl McCarty
            39-27; Sarah pulls up and pops from foul line
            41-31; Sarah pulls up and pops again from foul line
                   for her 12th point 
 5:00 left,        Marisa Justice takes a hard fall on struggle
                   for ball and goes to the bench for a rest
 4:45       41-33                    
 3:15       41-35; timeout
            43-37; Jillian with a nice runner from the foul line
            44-37; Sarah sinks front end after taking a hard fall
                   when pushed from behind - "nice acting" (just
            44-37; Senior Kate Furoli fouls out for Pilgrim
 1:15       44-39; Jillian misses front end
 1:10       46-39; Sarah makes two foul shots
  :57.5     48-39; Sarah makes her last two points on foul shots
  :46.6     48-40; Pilgrim makes one foul shot
  :45.3     50-40; Marisa makes her last two points on foul shots           
            50-41; Pilgrim makes one free throw
  :after           Team stops at Gregg's for dessert. Some 
                   players get home about 11:10 to find phone
                   call waiting from Shane, from the 
                   SCIndependent. Then, too keyed up to go to
                   bed, stay up until 12:30am. Congrats to
                   Sarah for averaging 15+ (league only). Only
                   about a dozen kids have done it in each of
                   the last couple years.

Old Business: Thanks to Jeff Tente for making a "1,000 point
countdown" poster for Sarah even though the team wasn't 
allowed to use it at the game. Also, thanks to Coach McCarty
for speaking on Sarah's behalf for possible Division I
honors. Also North Kingstown Coach Burny Guidry and Chariho's
Charlie Toscano for adding their support. 

  Former Pilgrim standout Meg McGonagle is doing well at Siena.
She is getting some minutes in the big wins and big losses and
learning the game. She had some health problems with her iron
level and had to visit the college dispensary.
  Kim Arundel was on crutches. She hurt her ankle in
warmups for a JV game over the weekend. Stephanie Gama
iced her ankle during the game, having been hurt in the JV game.
Caitlin Mullen hurt her knee in the JV game. When it
started to balloon to the size of a baseball, she left the gym.
  Congratulations to everyone - coaches, players, parents, on
making the most of a difficult year and ending on an upswing.
                       FG  M  A  T  
                       -- ----- -- 
   Stanhope             6  5- 6 17       
   Hathaway             2  0- 1  4
   Kenerson             4  0- 0  8
   Justice              0  3- 4  3
   Tente                5  1- 3 11
   Dawson               3  0- 0  7
   McEntee              0  0- 0  0                        
   Daley                0  0- 0  0
   Lewis                0  0- 0  0
                       -- -- -- --
   Total               20  9-14 50

   Opponent            16  8-15 41

   3 Pts: SK-Dawson; PI-Shields.
     1/2: SK 25-17.
      JV: SK 49-41.

Stats / Records

(Through Game #25 (18 league, 7 non-league), 03/01/99)
League GamesNon League GamesTotal
123456789 101112131415 1617181234567Tot
Arundel120000202 92092722I13210202x
Daley000x0xxx2 x00x0xx0024xxxaax
Dawson0064661079 572408867721x1338x
Gama02432xx0a x0IIaI2xsIa0a20aax
Hathaway033268049 1622022440833265x
Justice12861011901314 5812213aa0361011632x
Kenerson5991472III IIIIII048a717101386x
Lewisnnnnnnnx0 x00x0ax20nnnnnnnx
McEntee124142607 00640443022x0004x
Mullen002x22001 80422420I00xx200x
Stanhope10124b1238201916 1720232519152712171061611b91414359
Tente194137045a 27591010521113698254x
Team--------- -----1-----------x
Total304742594837424860 47505457455250355053474835493945x
a=Absent, b=Benched; I=Injured, n=Not on team; s=Sick, x=Didn't play

(As of '96-'98)
(G = Game; S = Season; C = Career; TG = Team Game; TS = Team Season)

Most points:
(G) 24 Jane Doe (11/07/96 v East Greenwich)
(S) 99 Jane Doe (91-95)
(C) 1,000+ Lynn DeWardener ('86-also had 1,000+ rebounds)
(TG) 99 11/07/96 v East Greenwich
(TS) 100 1995-1996
Most assists:
(G) 24 Jane Doe (11/07/96 v East Greenwich)
(S) 24 Jane Doe
(C) 99 Jane Doe

Defense: (G = Game; S = Season; C = Career; TG = Team Game; TS = Team Season)
Defensive rebounds:


Miscellaneous / Feedback

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1998 - 1999 Division I-South, 25 Games (7 Non-League, 18 League)
  Appears to be a decent schedule. Typically, South plays about
  22 while many of the other teams play about 25.
  The season spanned 102 days from tryouts to last game.
  Season ended Monday, Mar 1. It should have ended Feb 25 but
  there was a snow storm that day.
  (Division I went from 23 teams to 20 teams. The Central Division
  was eliminated.)
1997 - 1998 Division I-South, 22 Games (5 Non-League, 17 League)
  The season spanned 93 days from tryouts to last game.
  Season ended Friday of Washington's Birthday Week.
1996 - 1997 Division I-South, 21 Games (4 Non-League, 17 League)
  The season spanned 90 days from tryouts to last game.
  Season ended Monday of Washington's Birthday Week.
1995 - 1996 Division B-South, 22 Games (4 Non-League, 18 League),
  plus 2 Playoffs)
  The season spanned 101 days from first meeting until the end.
  Regular season ended Tuesday of Washington's Birthday Week.


Thanks to former coach Dan Cox for the stats he provided for the
years 1989-1994. (2/99)

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